✦ The (Not So) Scaredy Cats Pitch Bible ✦

This project consisted of a pitch bible for an animated cartoon series concept and a fully voiced animatic to go alongside it.The pitch bible contains images like; full body turnarounds, multiple fully designed characters and locations, and also contains relevant writing like character biographies, plot synopsis, etc.The full pitch book: I'll be making it public after my degree shows!The animatic is a proof of concept of the animation series, consisting of the first scene of the animation pilot, fully voiced and with sound effects.
Click here for a link to the animatic on my YouTube

✦ 'The Secret Garden' Book Spread ✦

This is a project in which I was tasked to make our own twist on a public domain story and I chose 'The Secret Garden'. I designed my own version of the characters before I made them into a children's book style spread and front page.

✦ Character Archetypes ✦

This is a project where I gave myself the task to mash together character archetypes and then personify them into characters and them have them interact together in a scene.

If you're interested in seeing more of the variety of animations i've made, check out my Youtube channel by clicking HERE!

Meet the Artist!

Kelsey / Fross ✦ She / Her

Who Am I?
My name is Kelsey, but I also go by Frossilu on the internet. I am a Freelance Illustrator and Content Creator with a focus on 2D digital art and animation.
Why Do I Create?
My aim when creating my work is to evoke people's emotions and imaginations using quirky, interesting characters and scenarios. And most importantly, have fun while doing so and hoping others do too! My biggest inspirations come from video games and cartoons like; Pokémon, Gravity Falls, etc. My family and friends included, as well as illustrators that I discover while exploring the internet.
What Do I Create?
I enjoy creating concepts and characters then messing with them through my art, making animations, experimenting with colours, emotions, creative outputs and so much more.

Other details/fun facts:
✦ I'm a BA(Hons) Illustration graduate from Arts University Plymouth.
✦ The little munchkin cat you see as my website's icon is my mascot, Nugget!

Let's work together!

Would you like to hire me to make art for you?
Is there a project of yours that you would like me to work on?
Or just want to talk about something else relating to my art?
I’d love to hear about it!
Get in contact with me by messaging me on any of my socials or by emailing me.

Email: kelseycreates.art@gmail.com
Social Medias: @Frossilu on Instagram, Youtube, X and TikTok.